About Us

Root Cases makes sustainable, quality wood iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Pro cases.  In a world filled with technology, it has become increasingly difficult to get in touch with nature and take a moment to appreciate simplicity.  Here at Root Cases, we embrace technology and the fast paced lifestyle but we refuse to give up our passion for nature.    


Root Cases strives to blend our technology filled world with quality craftsmanship to produce stylish wood accessories.  Get in touch with your roots and add some natural style to your life by trying one of our wood or bamboo cases.  So whether you need to protect your iPhone, Macbook, or iPad, Root Cases is the one stop for all your electronic casing solutions.  Wood is the new black!


At Root Cases, we believe in incorporating sustainable woods, such as bamboo into our lineup.  We also  work with an organization called Plant-It 2020 to reforest the earth in non-logging locations.  We know that you care!  With every purchase, we plant a tree in a safe place...  It’s simple, buy a Root Case and make a difference.  To further our efforts in helping the planet, we have also joined 1% for the planet, a coalition of businesses that donate 1% of profits to promote the growth and sustainability of the earth.